Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mysore Mallige Blue Movi

Happy new year 2011!


Another year passed ... For my part, I celebrated the beginning of 2011 quietly with my girlfriends. Deficient atmosphere dances, Wii, (fake) and champagne dresses. While with Morgan, and Roman, there is a little party in a spin between 5 and 8 am aha. I try my hand at

video editing. I'm doing pretty well I think, but the images are not great. Seriously I have a reflex ... This will be my good resolution like the 2011!
Certainly the only saw I never take it. What interest frankly, knowing I would never do? Especially since I do not feel any sense of renewal on 1 January morning, just a deep desire to sleep. For me, the real period of change is that all types of school. I will not balance either, I'm bad for that. All I can say is that, bah ... In 2010, as every year, there is good as the very poor. Not a bad year overall, but I hope that 2011 will be better.
Happy New Year, which this year is full of joy, love, projects, parties and meetings! :)

Tomorrow I'll get up again at 6:30 to find myself sitting on a chair in the classroom tapante at 8am. I think I'll die. I was a victim of procrastination violent past two weeks, which I fear greatly that the return to normal ...

In fact, I finally activated my formspring . I had created there time to laugh, and then I forgot. It will surely use to me but ... Ask Me Anything aha. :)


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